Just Between Friends Trains Largest Class of Franchisees to Date

North America’s leading pop-up consignment sales franchise stands out with comprehensive franchisee training and support

In the nearly 20 years since its founding, Just Between Friends has grown explosively, becoming the premier kids’ consignment sale franchise in North America. According to Dawn Pfannenstiel, Director of Training and Support for JBF, the latest training event reflects this growth trend, with 20 attendees representing 14 franchises, making this the largest training class to date.  consignment sales franchise JBF franchise“I’m excited for the future of Just Between Friends because of the enthusiasm and the excitement that this training group was able to bring to training,” Dawn says. “Everybody had a great attitude, and they came in ready to tackle the world.”We owe much of our growth to our outstanding franchisee training and support systems, which make us stand out among competitors. When you franchise with us, you’ll receive comprehensive training from experienced franchisees in all aspects of the kids’ consignment sale business. You supply the personality, people skills and drive, and we’ll teach you the rest. Once your JBF sale is established, we continue to support you through mentoring, coaching and collaboration.

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Just Between Friends franchisee training and support set us apart

JBF offers a mentorship program designed to help franchisees grow their businesses at all stages. “The mentorship program is broken up into three levels, and it’s based on sale size,” Dawn says. “Because someone who is in the same sale size as me or as you will have the same challenges and obstacles that they’re facing, and they’re different for someone who perhaps is at the next level or even the level above that.”Just Between Friends also has a coaching system for new franchisees, which aims to help them with the first stages of establishing their business. “All of the new franchise owners are assigned an emerging franchisee coach, so they have a mentor for the first year that they’re in the system who will get them through to sales events,” Dawn explains. “They have weekly conversations with them, and they help them, guide them, teach them, offer suggestions and tips, and so forth. A mentor is assigned to them for a full year. And then depending on where they come out of that program, that determines what mentor program they fall into, because it’s based on sales numbers.”We believe that the growth and success of a JBF franchise is built on relationships and knowledge sharing. We don’t want our franchisees to compete with each other; on the contrary, we encourage them to collaborate, and we provide online communities and training resources to make sure this happens.

Just Between Friends is invested in franchisee success

Most of all, we are committed to our franchisees’ success and want to do everything possible, at the corporate level, to help them on their business path.“I always want them to succeed,” Dawn says. “I always want to give them the knowledge, and the resources, and the tools to succeed. Because when they succeed, their community succeeds, and that’s where there’s a win/win. It’s about the $16.5 million that the Just Between Friends franchise system was able to contribute to charity last year. It’s the families that are able to go on vacations that they couldn’t before or are able to clothe their children. Our franchisees are vested in their businesses, and we’re vested in them. We believe in them, and we’re here to help them in any way that we can to be successful for their communities.”

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If you are looking to join a franchise system with a management team that’s dedicated to franchisees’ success, then JBF may be perfect for you! Our franchisee training and support systems are comprehensive, designed with the franchisee’s success in mind. JBF started as a small sale in Shannon Wilburn’s Tulsa, Oklahoma, living room in 1997. Today,  it is North America’s leading Consignment Sales Event Franchise. Last year, system-wide sales for Just Between Friends totaled $29.1 million!We are eager to partner with individuals who have a passion for helping others, giving back to their communities and have an entrepreneurial interest in business ownership. Join Just Between Friends as we work toward of our goal of adding 15 new franchises in 2017 and growing to $31 million in overall gross sales.To learn more, visit our research pages or request a copy of our free Franchise Information Report.

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