JBF ranks at the top

Just Between Friends is the dominant brand in the rapidly-growing consignment sales event industry.

Just Between Friends is the leading pop-up consignment sales event franchise in North America. In this age of thrift, discount and bargain shopping are often preferred over retail. As a result of the Great Recession and online shopping, consumers are savvier than ever — and they expect every dollar to go further.

Our franchise owners market to consignors with items for sale and hold at least two large consignment events a year. People seeking bargains purchase the items, and the franchise owner makes a percentage of every item sold. It’s a great win for all parties — consignors can earn money back on baby clothes and gear, maternity items, and kids clothes in great, gently-worn condition, as well as children’s toys and games. Parents, grandparents, and guardians can purchase amazing items at a fraction of the retail price, saving hundreds of dollars on entire wardrobes for newborn to teens. The franchisee earns a margin by providing a truly valuable service to the local community. And donated, unsold items go to local charities that help families in need within the community.

Investment in a Just Between Friends franchise starts at around $38,000, making it very affordable. Franchisees can opt for a single territory and hold a minimum of two events a year, which makes for an easy-to-manage, flexible business. Single-unit franchises are excellent for anyone looking for supplemental income, from the stay-at-home parent who wants to generate more income to the parent who wants to reenter the workforce—or even someone currently working and looking for a way to own his/her own business. Want to run a full-time and higher-revenue business? You can purchase more than one territory and have as many events a year as you can handle, creating a full-time business with employees.