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What Training and Support Do We Offer?

Just Between Friends franchise owners receive training and support that goes far and above what our competition offers

Just Between Friends is spreading like wildfire across the United States because our franchise owners go above and beyond to make their pop-up consignment sale events successful. When we opened our doors to franchising in 2003, we knew we would also have to go above and beyond with our training of franchise owners.

The Just Between Friends concept is a proven business model. This business is rewarding for the franchisee who holds the event, and it is highly beneficial for parents who need to make every dollar stretch. Our God-led franchise dramatically changes the lives of its franchisees and its customers.

The Just Between Friends franchise model is ideal—with a low initial investment, your business can either supplement your income or become a full-time career.

“Once we onboard a new franchisee, they are given a wealth of material to review,” says Dawn Pfannenstiel, Director of Training and Support. “We train our owners in every aspect of their business, from advertising in your community to utilizing social media, to designing their website, to the point of sale system, to how to set up and tear down a sales event. We have a dedicated staff member, Emerging Franchisee Coach, that conducts weekly mentoring calls with new owners the first year they are in the system to help guide them through the entire sales process so that we can guide them through the process. We are with them every step of the way.”

Our support staffers are also franchise owners

Once the papers are signed and you are no longer just dreaming about presiding over your own pop-up consignment sale, the reality of putting on a three-day plus sale will present itself. Don’t worry. We will help you through the entire process of staging and running your first event. You will be trained by Just Between Friends franchise owners who have staged and operated several financially rewarding consignment sales in their territories. These all-stars will walk you through everything you need to know about staging your first sale during 16 hours of online pre-training, 32 hours of classroom training, 21 hours of onsite training and 13 hours of post-training.

Once you launch you’ll be in the hands of experienced JBF franchise owners who also handle some support. For instance, Shawna Wilfert has been a JBF owner since 2007, owning both Tucson, Arizona, and Midland, Texas, franchises and has also taken on the role of JBF’s Emerging Franchisee Coach. She works with new franchisees to help on board them during their first year as JBF franchisees, helping to develop best practices with the goal of creating and executing successful consignment events to set the stage for your promising career as a JBF franchise owner.

“I love getting to be a cheerleader for new franchisees and I’m only a phone call or a text away,” says Shawna, who has also worked closely with franchisees as an on-call trainer. Shawna owns two prosperous JBF franchises, one of which was the very first JBF franchise in Arizona, so she knows first hand what it is like to successfully launch a sale from the ground up in brand new territory. Shawna spends a large portion of her time on the phone each week personally coaching new franchisees, helping them grow their business and prosper.

“…how awesome it was to have a coach helping me to prepare for my first event. Having gone thru the process this way, I can’t even fathom how new owners did it without a coach. It was genius to create this role and add it to your staff.”  says Sue Endle, Woodbury MN owner.

Shawna says the supportive atmosphere at JBF is just one of the many reasons it is a great business to own. “From our CEO on down it is a very family oriented atmosphere. Our corporate staff is amazing. There is someone always available for you. Someone is always on call. If you are in the middle of your sale at 11 at night, there is someone there to answer your call if you are stuck or need assistance. The owners at JBF are always willing to share information, and at our annual conference we come together and do continuing training and sharing of ideas which is predominantly owner led. JBF really is a family environment.” She looks forward to coaching each new group of franchisees that joins the JBF family.

“I’m a little biased, but the support that Just Between Friends offers our new franchisees is tremendous,” says Laura Staggs, the Lead Trainer for Just Between Friends and a successful owner of three Just Between Friends franchises in Colorado. “We go through the beginning of running a sale to the end of the running a sale.”

Prior to purchasing your JBF Franchise, you will be asked to do venue research in your territory. We want to make sure that you are set up for success before you make your initial investment.

Before you even begin planning your first sale, we will ask that you attend a Just Between Friends sales event. You will shadow the owner and get a feel for how a successful pop-up sales event should run.

At our classroom training, you will get a great grasp of our brand, see how to run a successful sales event, obtain our marketing materials, learn about customer service and how to implement our marketing in your territory. You may also have the opportunity to meet our Emerging Franchisee Coach and some of our great trainers and begin a relationship with them that could turn into a mentorship.

“We also have a yearly conference where we bring in industry experts,” Dawn says. “It’s a great way for owners to learn about a number of different topics that can help them in their businesses. This also gives our owners a chance to talk shop and learn from each other. Our owners are a very tight-knit community and are very open with each other if they are utilizing practices that are enabling them to be successful.”

Our training and support staff guides every new owner through the process of hosting their first sales event, ensuring that a new owner is using the practices and methods learned during their training. Again, no need to worry! We guide you through the process of finding a terrific venue for your first event, which is a process that begins before you partner with us in order to ensure that a Just Between Friends franchise can be a viable business in your area.

“Once the franchisee completes their first sale, the Emerging Franchisee Coach discusses post sale best practices, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges from the event and helps develop a plan to implement for a successful second event and onward.  Just Between Friends also offers 24/7 On-Call Support where our owners can call for any reason.”

How your community will help make you successful

For parents, word of a Just Between Friends pop-up consignment event coming to town is great news. Your sale will give those parents a chance to buy an entire wardrobe or fleet of toys for their children at a fraction of the price they would pay for new items. As a result of our beneficial business model, news of your sale will generate a lot of buzz among local parents, and local media are always hungry for a feel-good story.

“One of the most exciting aspects of our brand is just how many people discover us through word of mouth,” says Shannon Wilburn, CEO and co-founder of Just Between Friends. “In the communities where Just Between Friends hosts events, we create an enormous amount of buzz because people love to tell their friends about any opportunity to save money!”

In addition to your community loving the fact that you’ve arrived, you will also be able to reap the benefits of your second community: Just Between Friends franchise owners who are active on social media—ready and willing to help.

Just Between Friends consignment sales franchise

“Owners have a private Facebook group that is very active,” Laura says. “We are always bouncing ideas off each other, asking each other what is working and what isn’t. It’s very cool knowing that fellow franchisees want to help you succeed too!”

In short, we are here for you every step of the way. Both the corporate team and your franchise peers create a tribe of unparalleled support and mentoring. Your success in your territory will benefit not only your community but the entire Just Between Friends brand.

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