Ideal Owner

The Winning Formula

An ideal Just Between Friends owner should treat others as they would their friends, be resourceful and adaptable, prioritize making progress rather than achieving perfection, and recognize that we achieve more when we work together.

Successful owners require a combination of business acumen, an understanding of the target market, and effective management skills. Here are some qualities and practices that can contribute to becoming a good owner in this industry:

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Strong Organizational Skills

Running a JBF event involves managing inventory, setting up the event space, coordinating with consignors, and handling sales transactions. Good organizational skills are vital to keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

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Customer Service Excellence

Providing exceptional customer service is essential for building a positive reputation and encouraging repeat business. Be attentive, friendly, and responsive to the needs of both consignors and shoppers.

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Attention to Detail

Paying attention to even the smallest details can make a significant difference in the success of your event. From the organization of items to the layout of the event space, strive for a visually appealing and well-curated experience for your shoppers.

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Financial Management

Sound financial management is critical to ensure the profitability and sustainability of your business. Keep track of expenses, maintain accurate records, and set appropriate pricing and commission structures to cover costs and generate revenue.

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Passion and Commitment

Finally, having a genuine passion for children and families, as well as a commitment to providing a valuable service to Consignors and shoppers, will drive your motivation and determination to succeed.

Being open to feedback, adapting to change, and striving for improvement is key to earning clients' trust and succeeding in business.