Shannon Wilburn in Global Franchise Magazine

Giving Back is Essential to Just Between Friends Culture

Just Between Friends’ CEO Shannon Wilburn was recently featured in Global Franchise Magazine’s Q&A Section in which CEOs are asked for their insights into current topics. This month’s topic is right in the JBF sweet spot of why it’s important to be involved with charitable organizations.

When asked about what kind of impact Just Between Friends Franchisees have on their communities and what it means, Shannon says, "Every sale now donates thousands of items to their local family-serving charity partner. For many of these charity partners, these twice-yearly donations are their largest source of items. We have seen how much of a difference that has made to help countless families who live right in the communities where  each sale is held.

Not a sale goes by that I don’t hear back from a franchisee as they tell me how a single, teen mom came to the sale with only a few crumpled dollar bills but left with an armload of clothes, toys and baby gear – often subsidized by a franchisee who gives on top of what those dollars could have purchased."

And Shannon believes that anyone can get involved in ways that give back to their community. When asked what she thought of other Franchises getting involved in giving back, Shannon had advice to share immediately:

"In short – do it! Find a way to make it happen. A great way to start is to bring together your key leadership team to help define and decide ways to impact your community. Pull together a task force, ask lots of questions and find out what matters to your people – what they care about, what they want to be a part of locally. It doesn’t have to be some big thing, as sometimes we get hung up trying to think big. Instead, start small. Start where you are with what you have. Look around to see where there’s a need.

When I was little, my dad taught me to give. If I earned $10, I got to have $2 to spend, $7 went to savings, and the other dollar I gave at my church. My dad knew that we often have to be taught to give in this way as it doesn’t necessarily come naturally. I learned that giving, no matter how small, makes a difference to those whom I give but also to me, in my life.

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