Franchisee Hosts Sale Amidst the Most Adverse Conditions: Wins 2020 Rockstar Award

Yolanda Prince of Nashville Music City Wins Rockstar Award

JBF Rockstar Franchisee Yolanda Prince of Nashville Music City, TN shown here with her support team—including her husband and son who help serve each sale.

As if a devastating tornado was not enough with which to deal, place the burden of a global pandemic directly on top of it—and that’s where you’d find Yolanda Prince in March of 2020. Yolanda Prince, Just Between Friends (JBF) Franchisee of Nashville, Tennessee began the year like all of us—with high hopes and expectations to have the best year ever. Little did she know that she soon would be facing one of the toughest seasons of her life.


On the night of March 2 and into the morning of March 3, Yolanda’s territory in Tennessee experienced deadly tornadic activity which killed twenty-five people and injured more than 300 as power outages raged in the aftermath in which over 70,000 were affected. Totally devastated, Yolanda found herself at a crossroads. How was she to move forward with her community serving JBF sale now? She didn’t even power at her home!


And here’s where Yolanda’s Rockstar superpowers kicked in. Yolanda moved into her family’s insurance business building, setting up shop in the backroom to be able to continue to plan, knowing that families in her area needed this Just Between Friends sale—especially now. So many families needed clothes, toys, shoes and necessities for their kids. Yolanda was more determined than ever to make sure her sale was the place where they could find those things at the savings so many desperately needed.


Little did Yolanda know she was just over the first hurdle she would be facing.

As her sale drew closer, she began to hear talk of a global pandemic—just as her community was beginning to figure out how to deal with unbelievable destruction. Yolanda kept planning, realizing that if she moved quickly, she may just be able to make her sale happen. And that’s what she did. Yolanda moved forward with her sale right before stay-at-home orders went into place. She did so knowing that at any moment, a government official could walk into her event  and shut it down—much like had happened to other Franchisees across the country.

But overwhelming odds mean nothing if an unshakable belief in possibilities defines your core. Yolanda is an example of what it means to believe and expect the best, even in the midst of the most extreme circumstances. See her here as she encourages others about what it takes to be a JBF Franchisee— JBF Commercial released JUST before the pandemic.


Yolanda not only held her sale, she did so in record style posting her highest grossing event to date. About her, JBF CEO Shannon Wilburn says, “Yolanda is one of the people who most inspires me as she just does not quit. She is able to face adversity and turn it into something amazing. Every time.”


It’s this kind of unwavering determination and overall unstoppability that have driven Yolanda to overcome whatever life throws her way—even a tornado and pandemic one-two gut punch. For these reasons, Yolanda Prince was chosen as a Franchise Business Review 2020 Franchisee Rockstar.


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