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Location is everything in business, but it’s especially important when you’re in the pop-up consignment business. Just Between Friends offers exclusive territories—your territory is your turf. We want our franchise owners to be a hit in their communities, not only because we want financially successful sales, but also because we want to help thousands of families purchase their children’s clothing, toys, and gear in a sustainable way and a fraction of what it would cost new.

What territories are available?

We are currently looking for potential franchisees across the country. We have a variety of territories available. Are you located in one of these areas in our TOP TWENTY List? We’d love to talk with you!

  • Albany, NY

  • Albuquerque, NM

  • Atlanta, GA

  • Baltimore, MD

  • Boston, MA

  • Baton Rouge, LA

  • Birmingham, AL

  • Charlotte, NC

  • Chicago Suburbs, IL

  • Cleveland, OH

  • Louisville, KY

  • Memphis, TN

  • New Orleans, LA

  • Orlando, FL

  • Phoenix, AZ

  • Portland, OR

  • NYC/Tri-State Area

  • Richmond/Virginia Beach, VA

JBF Franchise Team Leaders
Please note Just Between Friends is currently sold out in the following locations: 
  • Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex, TX

  • Houston metro area, TX

  • Kansas City, KS

  • Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

  • Oklahoma City, OK

  • Pittsburgh, PA

  • Philadelphia, PA

  • Sacramento, CA

  • Seattle, WA

  • Tulsa, OK

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Our Franchise Owners

Our Owners Say It Best…

Yolanda Prince - Owner
I CHOSE JBF BECAUSE: I wanted something that I felt was well-suited to my personality and skillset. I loved the idea of a seasonal business that allowed me to go “full-throttle”, then take a break and regroup. I can be very intense, so this gave me a chance to balance out that part of my personality during the off-season. Having been an entrepreneur already, loving consignment sales, and being an event planner at heart, honestly—I felt like it was something that I could absolutely ROCK!
Yolanda Price, Wanted something that suited her needs as an entrepreneur—
Karen Miner, Owner
I CHOSE JBF BECAUSE: I love it! I am always looking to save money, JBF was my favorite sale each time it came around. I wanted something to give my brain a purpose while staying home with three kids and I got so much more than that.
Karen Miner, Stay-at-home mom wanted a challenge-
I CHOSE JBF BECAUSE: Finances were really tight when my husband and I were expecting our son, and JBF was a complete Godsend. My husband had graduated from college six months before, and I still had two years left. We were SO concerned about finances and finding JBF was a complete Godsend. We were able to get everything that we needed for $800. Fast forward three years, we were presented the opportunity to buy a JBF, and I instantly jumped on it. I wanted to be able to give other people the same opportunity I had been given.
Marisa Clark, Paying it forward-