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Below are probably the most important and frequent questions we’ve had during these past two decades of operations:

The franchise fee for a single Just Between Friends franchise is $17,900. The total initial investment ranges between $38,544-$54,509. Multiple territory ownership opportunities also are available.

The royalty fee is 3% of gross sales, less sales tax, plus a 1% Marketing Branding Fee assessed each sale. Additionally, there is a monthly technology fee of $164.

JBF Franchise Owners are provided with a combination of virtual, classroom and onsite training and support throughout the entire process to promote and launch their first sale. New Franchisees are trained by other JBF Franchisees, so they learn directly from those who have experience in running successful sales. The first year of training also includes weekly calls with an Emerging Business Coach who will help walk you through each step of hosting your first year of sales.

Once a recruit is awarded a franchise, you will receive a wealth of material to review, including an Operations Manual, a Marketing Action Plan, access to our online Marketing and tagging portals, along with a whole suite of other tools and resources (download the Just Between Friends Franchise Report for a full list of materials). Additionally, upon awarding each Franchisee is assigned an Emerging Business Coach who conducts weekly mentoring (calls) with new owners through their first year of ownership.

These important calls cover best practices, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities along with the most common challenges owners face. Just Between Friends also offers 24/7 On-Call Support to our owners.

Many factors determine how much money a particular Franchisee will earn. JBF provides some information based on the historical performance of our current Franchisees in Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document. We assist you in doing additional research by connecting you with existing JBF franchisees along with exploring costs in your specific geographic area to make your own financial projections. Any financial performance representations made in the FDD or on this website reflect the historical performance of current franchisees. Please note that a new Franchisee’s individual financial results may differ from the results stated.

Just Between Friends territories are established using statistical data supplied by our mapping services provider along with other key demographic information. Territories range from a minimum population of 100,000 to an average of 250,000 and are built around concentrations of populations which include families with children ages newborn through age 10 living in the household.

Just Between Friends Franchise System, Inc. requires that either you or a 50% business partner live within 30 miles of the territory in which the sale will be held. We have established this guideline due to the fact that a large amount of our Franchisees’ success depends on grassroots efforts to build a core group of dedicated customers and consignors within your territory. The best way to do this is to be in close enough in proximity to this group to foster and grow such relationships.

Our successful Franchisees tell us they work their business an average of 20 hours a week, with more hours being needed in the weeks leading up to the sale. Much of this time is spent fostering key relationships and promoting in their communities to realize the greatest success. JBF requires franchise owners to host a minimum of two sales per year.

Experience is helpful, but your experience does not need to be in consignment sales. The JBF franchise system is seeking candidates with:

  • a desire to help their communities,
  • a strong customer service or sales background,
  • great organizational skills,
  • a desire to run a business that helps the environment,
  • general business knowledge and computer literacy,
  • an outgoing and friendly manner when working with the public.

Just Between Friends believes in the power of communities to support themselves while taking care of the planet. Every year, tons of waste is saved from landfills as local sales allow families to sell items with lots of use still in them to others who can give those items a home. Families not only save hundreds of dollars every season, they recycle by reselling thousands of pounds of items each year across North America. That means we are taking care of one another AND the planet.

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