Current Owners

We Strive for Success!

We've helped many people become successful business owners, benefiting families and the environment.

We currently have 151 locations in 33 states and growing, which comprises 165 owners (144 Women and 21 Men). The group has diverse educational and professional backgrounds, including medicine, education, marketing, military, IT, insurance, real estate, and finance.

Karen Miner

Wanted a Challenge

I am always looking to save money, and JBF was my favorite sale each time it came around. I wanted something to give my brain a purpose while staying home with three kids, and I got so much more than that.

Karen Miner

All-Out With an Off-Season

I wanted something that I felt was well-suited to my personality and skill set. I loved the idea of a seasonal business that allowed me to go “full-throttle” and then take a break and regroup. I can be very intense, which allowed me to balance out that part of my personality during the off-season. Having been an entrepreneur already, loving consignment sales, and being an event planner at heart, honestly—I felt like it was something that I could ROCK!

Yolanda Prince


Paying It forward

Finances were tight when my husband and I were expecting our son. My husband had graduated from college six months before, and I still had two years left. We were concerned about finances, and finding JBF was a complete Godsend. We were able to get everything that we needed for $800. Fast forward three years, we were given the opportunity to buy a JBF, and I instantly jumped on it. I wanted to give other people the same opportunity I had been given.

Marisa Clark