Just Between Friends draws mothers, fathers, grandparents, and anyone who has children to love and care for

It’s no wonder that Just Between Friends has managed to find so much success in attracting a growing base of parents to our hundreds of pop-up consignment sales every year. We’re living in the age of thrift, where bargain shopping has become mainstream and hunting for discounts is a sign of a savvy consumer. For parents, our core group of customers, the high costs associated with raising a child necessitates that their dollars go further than ever before. Our internal data reveals that folks of all income levels are actively engaged in bargain shopping to clothe their children.


Just Between Friends serves families with children from infancy to middle school, which means our customers could stay with us for a decade or more! And the Just Between Friends’ demographic is constantly growing, in large part because the stigma around shopping for gently worn secondhand clothing and lightly used toys and games has all but disappeared. The popularity of our sales is a testament to this. We have determined that our sales help more than 1 million families across the nation.

We are in the enviable position of appealing to younger demographics

Many companies break the bank trying to stay relevant and appeal to a younger demographic. We naturally appeal to that demographic. In fact, we recently conducted an internal study to get an accurate snapshot of who our core customers are. This is what we found:

From recent participant survey data, we have found that almost 80% were between the ages of 26 to 40, with 99% being female. The majority of those customers were moms of younger children, with 78% having children ages 3 and younger and 70% having 1 to 3 children. We also found that our pop-up consignment sales benefit people from diverse financial and employment backgrounds. While economic background make-up varies, we found the average maximum household income of our customers is $80,000 with 55% of those working outside the home. 68% of those are employed full time and 32% work part-time. 80% of our customer base is Caucasian and 10% are Hispanic with the final 10% being of other ethnicity. Our customers also know how to spend money wisely. They spend a lot of it at our sales as more than 30% of our customers spend more than $100 per sale. 40% spend anywhere from $50 to $100 per sale. And when it comes to annual holiday shopping, a resounding 85% responded that they would shop secondhand.


A growing segment of our customer base is grandparents who are raising their children’s children. According to AARP’s publication devoted to senior citizens’ issues, there are more than 5.8 million children living in homes owned by the grandparents, and of that number, there are 2.5 million grandparents who have taken on the responsibility of raising the children. With an average income of a little over $60,000 with both grandparents in the household, according to research conducted by the Ohio Department of Aging, it is no wonder that more and more grandparents are coming to our sales. In any economy, good and bad, thousands of grandparents and parents alike are learning about the money-saving joys of being thrifty.

“It’s been an opportunity to afford my family flexibility,” says Kelly Hardy, owner of Just Between Friends franchise locations in Newark, Delaware, Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, and Eastern Mainline, Pennsylvania. “I had worked a corporate job for over 20 years, but JBF gives me the opportunity to spend more time with my kids; I put them on the bus and get them off every day. I always wanted to own my business, and Just Between Friends has given me that opportunity.”

For parents, word of a Just Between Friends pop-up consignment sale coming to town is great news. Your sale will give parents a chance to buy an entire wardrobe or fleet of toys for their children at 50%-90% off retail.