Secondhand Shopping Trend Drives More Customers to Just Between Friends Franchise Consignment Sales

Millennials are most likely to shop with JBF now and in the future

As more big name retailers announce bankruptcy filings and close their doors, shoppers continue to shift their buying habits away from traditional purchases in brick-and-mortar stores. Today’s consumers are dollar-savvy and eco-conscious; they naturally gravitate to the secondhand and resale market. Among the thriftiest and most active resale shoppers is the largest consumer group today: millennials. In thredUP’s recent “Annual Resale Report 2017,” this group is highlighted as being especially dedicated to shunning traditional retail in favor of finding great deals among secondhand, resale and consigned items: “As … generation who grew up during economic recession, millennials … are mindful consumers who are making a confident and smart choice to shop secondhand.” Just Between Friends (JBF) is the leading pop-up  consignment sales event franchise in North America. From our beginnings in a Tulsa living room in 1997, the JBF brand has grown to 153 franchises in the U.S. and Canada. By helping families buy and sell their outgrown children’s clothing, baby gear, games and toys, maternity items, and much, much more, we have become a nationally recognized brand. “The research actually supports what we’ve known for awhile at JBF,” says CEO and founder Shannon Wilburn. “Among our most dedicated shoppers and consignors are young parents and guardians. We are in the age of thrift when discount and bargain shopping are no longer stigmatized. Our shoppers and consignors — especially millennials — know the many benefits of buying high quality, gently used items at a fraction of the retail price.”

The millennial shopper is likely to shop with JBF in the future

This is especially good news for potential franchisees who are looking at  investing in a JBF franchise. Millennials (generally defined as born between the early 1980s to mid-1990s) are the next shoppers who will sustain the resale industry for the foreseeable future. According to “3 tips for serving millennial customers,”, these young adults account for $2.45 trillion in spending and are now the largest generation in the workforce with more than 53 million workers. They are “shattering and reshaping traditional … consumer habits,” the article says. Now in their early twenties to mid-thirties, millennials are marrying and having children, for whom they will shop during the next couple of decades. The thredUP report found that, “Millennials are the most likely group to shop secondhand in the future.” That’s a large pool of customers from which JBF franchisees can draw for many years to come. “Of all the possible industries that a franchisee could join, the consignment sales event industry, overall  — and JBF, in particular —  is one that definitely has a bright future,” says Shannon. “Since we began 20 years ago in my living room, our sales have grown so much that last year we grossed $29.1 million system-wide! We have millions of  potential customers all over the country, just waiting to participate in JBF sales well into the next decade.”

What motivates the millennial to shop a JBF sale?

Why are millennials so motivated to shop secondhand? The thredUP report cites several reasons, all of which a Just Between Friends consignment sales franchise offers. Today’s young adults are “2.4 times more likely to be motivated by eco-conscious factors when shopping secondhand” with “75% of millennials saying they would shop secondhand because of the environment.” Eighty-four percent of millennials say they “prefer socially conscious brands that align with their values.” Just Between Friends is committed to being good stewards of our possessions and  helping our communities. Keeping used children’s clothing, toys and other gear out of landfills — especially when those items have barely been worn, played with or used — is one of our goals. Each of our franchisees partners with a local charity who receives donations of unsold items. According to a recent study of our customer base, we determined that our events help nearly 900,000 families across the nation. Another important goal of JBF is to support our franchisees; we are dedicated to helping our franchise owners live the lives they choose while supporting their families and serving others. “Our model allows our franchisees to engage full time in their children’s lives while contributing to the well-being of their communities,” Shannon said. “This is an empowering business. The majority of our franchisees are women, and I’d like to think that we have empowered them. Our concept works because it feels good to help young parents buy their children beautiful clothes without breaking the bank. Our franchises are definitely making an impact in their communities, and that is what we’re all about.”

Now is the time to join Just Between Friends franchise

There’s never been a better time to join JBF, as millennials, the largest consumer group in history, want to shop secondhand. If you’re interested in franchising with us, we want to talk with you. Learn more by exploring  our research pages or request a copy of our  free Franchise Information Report.

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