Just Between Friends Leaders Earn CFE Certification

Patrick and Pfannenstiel complete ‘official training program for franchise professionals’

Just Between Friends is committed to training our leaders to provide the very best in franchise and business support. Two members of our leadership team — Erin Patrick, Director of Operations, and Dawn Pfannenstiel, Director of Training and Support — have earned their Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) Certification. They will receive their certificates in February at the International Franchise Association (IFA) Annual Convention in Las Vegas. 
CFE certification requires participants to complete specialized education classes in franchising and attend several franchising conferences and meetings. It is a designation that demonstrates a person’s commitment to franchising success principles and the ongoing support of franchisees
Rose Dupont is the Director of Certification Program Development with the IFA Foundation. She says the CFE program is important because it offers the opportunity to learn and grow within the franchise business space. 
Dupont said, “CFE is the only program recognized by several countries as the official training program for franchise professionals. The CFE program is focused on educating you to become the next expert in franchising. Having a CFE is about achieving goals and being an expert in your field. These are a select gr oup of individuals who have gotten serious about their development as franchise professionals.” 
“Having two of my top team leaders achieve this certification means that Just Between Friends can provide even better service to our franchisees and ultimately our customers. It is quite an achievement, and I am very proud of Erin and Dawn and the time and work they put into this,” said Shannon Wilburn, co-founder and CEO of Just Between Friends.

JBF’s Patrick and Pfannenstiel earn franchise expertise certification

Erin Patrick says she pursued CFE certification to better serve the Just Between Friends franchise system. She knew that to be more capable and effective in her role as Director of Operations, she needed to be educated in all aspects of franchising. She wanted to become well acquainted with industry standards, current business practices and franchise experts throughout the industry. Patrick’s knowledge and confidence grew as she navigated the various courses, conferences and summits that are part of IFA’s CFE program. 
Patrick said, “By participating in the CFE program, I have received such a well-rounded education. I have made many industry connections to whom I can reach out with questions about introducing new initiatives, starting new programs and helping franchisees understand and grow their businesses. When we, as franchisors, are willing to develop and grow, that encourages franchisees to do the same. It creates a culture of continued learning, which benefits everyone in our franchise system.” 
Dawn Pfannenstiel says she feels this same passion for continued education. As Director of Training and Support to a growing franchise system, Pfannenstiel says she recognizes the need to further her education in the franchising industry. Through the CFE program, she has learned additional strategies and methods to provide ongoing support to the Just Between Friends franchisees. Earning her CFE has provided Pfannenstiel the training, connections, resources and knowledge to implement programs and update best practices for the franchise system. Her goal is to build a training environment that encourages continued learning as one of the foundational elements for franchisee growth. 
Pfannenstiel adds, "During the past few years, I have met so many influential individuals and companies through IFA’s conferences, workshops and online resources. These relationships and friends serve as my tribe from whom I seek advice and guidance when leading my team to not only understand the why but the how as we work together to best support the franchise system.”

JBF franchise is devoted to our franchisee network

Just Between Friends franchise consistently earns top awards based upon franchisee satisfaction, partly because we are devoted to supporting them in every way possible. Making sure our leadership team is well trained is another way that we serve JBF franchisees and set them up for success. 
If you’re looking to join a company that puts its franchisees’ well-being first, then look no further than JBF. 
Just Between Friends franchise is the leading pop-up consignment sales event franchise in North America. From our beginnings in a Tulsa living room in 1997, the JBF brand has grown to more than 150 franchises in the United States. We have become a nationally recognized brand by helping families buy and sell their outgrown children’s clothing, baby gear, games and toys, maternity items, and much, much more. 
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