Just Between Friends Gives Franchisees a Voice With Advisory Council

Franchise Advisory Council bridges the gap between franchisees and corporate leaders

Just Between Friends’ corporate team takes communication with our franchise owners seriously. To maintain a healthy stream of ongoing dialogue, we created the Franchise Advisory Council (FAC). The FAC includes leaders from regions all over the United States. The council is a liaison between the corporate office and the franchisees themselves.“We’re on the frontlines of the business, so we keep corporate grounded in knowing what’s happening with our customers and clientele,” says Deborah Freeman, Just Between Friends franchise owner in Castle Rock, Colorado, former chair and current member of the Franchise Advisory Council. “Our business serves a multi-layered base because our customers are not only our shoppers, but they’re also the people that sell with us and the people who help us put on these events. It’s important to make sure corporate knows what we need to be successful in all these different levels. With the FAC, we can identify and effectively communicate what those things are.”For potential franchisees, joining a company with this type of group in place is a smart business move. Franchise owners have a direct line to the corporate office and are confident their best interests are a priority. The FAC at Just Between Friends is an important advocate for franchise owners and the company as a whole.“This is an incredible selling point for Just Between Friends franchises. We have a council in place that looks out for you. The FAC members are very engaged and care for the system as a whole. The FAC is filled with people who have many years’ experience, and even though sometimes there’s a disgreement with corporate, we still ask the tough questions. When there’s a disconnect between the franchisees and corporate, the FAC helps bridge that disconnect,” explains Deborah.JBF’s corporate team finds the Franchise Advisory Council just as valuable to their side of the business as the franchisees do. It makes running JBF a truly collaborative experience and best incorporates feedback from all levels of our organization. “I love that we have the FAC,” says Shannon Wilburn, co-founder and CEO of Just Between Friends. “We, as a corporate team, run things by them to hear their perspectives and ideas about company initiatives, changes and challenges. In doing so, we better understand how to alleviate pain points. They are great problem solvers, and we always come out of meetings with good next steps.”The Franchise Advisory Council is just one aspect of our comprehensive support system for our franchisees. We are committed to helping our franchisees succeed. We train our owners in every aspect of their business, from advertising in your community to utilizing social media, to designing your website, to the point of sale system, to how to set up and tear down a sales event. We have a dedicated staff member, Emerging Franchisee Coach, that conducts weekly mentoring calls with new owners the first year they are in the system to help guide them through the entire sales process. We are with you every step of the way.

Now is the time to join Just Between Friends franchise

If you’re looking to purchase a consignment sales franchise that gives franchisees incredible support, then look no further than Just Between Friends. We know that when our franchise owners succeed, our entire company thrives.Learn more about Just Between Friends by exploring our research pages or request a copy of our free Franchise Information Report.

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