JBF’s Safety and Recall Specialist Joins International Board of Directors

Kami Snowbarger’s work on product safety helps JBF stand out from the competition

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of the Just Between Friends franchise is our commitment to safety. JBF is the only consignment sale event franchise that employs a full-time corporate staff member who is solely focused on product safety and recalls. This differentiating feature often is the deciding factor that compels a new franchisee to sign with us. 
Kami Snowbarger, Director of Product Communications and Safety & Recall Specialist is renowned worldwide as an expert in the secondhand safety realm. Now she can add a new achievement to her resume. 
Snowbarger has been appointed to the International Board of Directors of the International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization. 
“What an incredible accomplishment for Kami and JBF!” says Shannon Wilburn, CEO and co-founder of JBF. “This appointment comes as a direct result of Kami’s hard work and dedication. Thanks to Kami, we have strong partnerships with multiple safety and consumer product health organizations. That means that JBF kids are safe, our franchisees’ sales are legal and our company stays abreast of the latest when it comes to product safety. No other children’s consignment sale franchise has what JBF offers when it comes to child safety.”

Kami Snowbarger helps keep JBF sales legal and safe

In 2008, President Bush passed the Consumer Protection Safety Improvement Act, which made it illegal to sell recalled products. Even so, many consignment sale events and secondhand stores put the burden on the consignor, buyer and/or the franchise owner. 
“The Consumer Protection Safety Commission sends inspectors to inspect thrift stores and places like that, and they have come to our events, as well. If you’re caught selling recalled products, there are huge fines,” Snowbarger says. “Our customers are moms, dads, grandparents and guardians. We want them to be able to shop at our events with the confidence that what they’re purchasing is safe for their little ones. That’s how you get repeat customers — if you have their trust. So we want our consignors and shoppers to trust us and know that we have their family’s safety in mind.” 
This focus on safety sets JBF apart from the competition. “We’re the only consignment sales event that has a safety recall person on staff the whole time,” Snowbarger says. “Most of our competitors say, ‘Consignors, you’ve got to check your items before you come to our sale.’ And then that’s it. They don’t check anything at their event. They don’t check safety standards; they don’t check for recalls. They just say it’s the consignor’s responsibility, and it’s the shopper’s responsibility. Well, how many shoppers keep up with all of the safety product regulations? There are thousands of recalls, and we have chosen to keep up those for our consignors and shoppers.”

Now is the ideal time to join Just Between Friends

There’s never been a better time to join JBF as a franchisee. We have an accomplished corporate team that’s committed to our franchisees’ success. If you’re looking for a company that offers support to its franchise owners, look no further than JBF. 
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