3 Ways Just Between Friends Franchise Stands Out from the Competition

Attention to safety, outstanding customer service and unparalleled support set us apart in the consignment sales event industry

Consignment sales have been around as long as people have wanted to make a few dollars on what would otherwise go to the dump or become someone else’s “hand-me-downs.” Most consignment sales throughout the country, however, are little more than garage sales, often loosely organized by a few individuals. They are the farthest thing from a retail shopping experience, with questionable quality of items, no organization and no clue about product safety and recalls. Just Between Friends (JBF) has taken the consignment sale and elevated it to a sophisticated, customer-oriented experience. From our humble beginnings in CEO and co-founder Shannon Wilburn’s Tulsa living room in 1997 to today’s 153 franchisees in 30 states in the U.S. and Canada, Just Between Friends pioneered the professionalism of the consignment sales experience, creating a viable business in the process. In 2016, our company’s system-wide sales grossed $29.1 million! We have mastered organization and communication, which is evident in the ways we stand out from our competitors; both “mom and pop” small-scale garage sale-type sales and other consignment sale franchises that don’t come close to what we offer to both franchisees and customers. “Just Between Friends is a concept that benefits everyone, which makes us popular across the country,” says Shannon. “We are committed to helping families — our franchisees, our shoppers and through our charity partners — save money. Our dedication to helping others, and doing so with excellence, drives the success of our brand.” Just Between Friends consignment sales franchise

How Just Between Friends stands out in the consignment sale event franchise industry

Just Between Friends Consignment Event Franchise Kami SnowbargerWe are focused on keeping families safe. No other consignment sales franchise employs a full-time staff member devoted entirely to product safety and recall. Kami Snowbarger serves as our Director of Product Communication, Safety & Recall Specialist. Kami is highly involved in the child product safety industry, working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to make sure our franchise owners and shoppers have the latest information on safety recalls and ever-changing product safety guidelines. “A good example as to why product safety is important would be if a woman is expecting a baby, she is going to try and get everything she needs,” Kami says. “If this woman needs a car seat, she may go to a consignment sale, or she may check on Craigslist to save money. She will not know that the items are safe. We appeal to our customers because they know when they attend a Just Between Friends sales event, everything on sale is safe for them to buy for their children.” We are committed to offering a professional, clean and organized shopping experience for customers. There’s nothing more frustrating for shoppers than having to sort through piles of toys, books or shoes, only to discover the sale doesn’t have the type, size or title they were looking for. Our Just Between Friends consignment sales are unlike any other second-hand sale you’ve shopped. We go from an empty venue to a fully functioning, professional, clean and organized retail store in a matter of hours. Our shoppers find the experience easy to navigate and the items in the best condition. This commitment to excellence makes for satisfied shoppers who support your sale with free word-of-mouth advertising and return to shop season after season. It also means that sellers keep coming back to sell and volunteer. Because of this standard, our consignors earn more than $300 each sale, on average. “We set ourselves apart on quality, safety and customer service,” says Sue Endle, franchise operator in Woodbury, Minnesota. “Our events are going to have merchandise that is clean, working and will be recall-checked. We run events that are structured, well organized and friendly and strive to ensure that both consignors and shoppers have a great experience.” Our franchisee support covers all areas of running your own consignment sales event franchise business. As a Just Between Friends franchise owner, you’re never alone in running your business. You’ll benefit from all the perks that come with being a part of North America’s largest consignment sales franchise. From the moment your agreement is signed, we partner with you to make sure your business is successful. “Once we onboard a new franchisee, they are given a wealth of material to review,” says Dawn Pfannenstiel, Director of Training and Support with Just Between Friends. “We train our owners in every aspect of their business, from advertising in their community, to utilizing social media, to designing their website, using the point-of-sale system, to how to setup and tear down a sales event. We have a dedicated staff member, our Emerging Franchisee Coach, that conducts weekly mentoring calls with new owners the first year they are in the system to help guide them through the entire sales process. We are with them every step of the way.” Another support benefit is the community of other franchisees. We’re a close-knit group of business owners and are eager to help our peers. “Owners have a private Facebook group that is very active,” says Laura Staggs, the Franchise Care Coordinator for Just Between Friends and a successful operator of four Just Between Friends franchises in Colorado. “We are always bouncing ideas off each other, asking each other what is working and what isn’t. It’s very cool knowing that fellow franchisees want to help you succeed, too!”

Now is the time to invest in a Just Between Friends consignment sales event franchise

“Our goals this year are to sell 15 franchises and hit $31 million in system-wide sales,” Shannon says. “We are eager to partner with like-minded entrepreneurs who are looking for a meaningful career that will benefit their families and their communities. The demand for Just Between Friends is anywhere there are families with kids. We want to answer that demand.” The kids’ consignment sale industry is hot right now, and Just Between Friends offers a one-of-a-kind franchise ownership experience. There’s never been a better time to join us as a franchisee. Find out more by visiting our research pages or request a copy of our Free Franchise Information Report.

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