Why You Should Consider a Just Between Friends Franchise for Your Side Hustle

JBF offers flexibility, profit potential and rewarding work

One of the most popular trends in today’s business landscape is the “side hustle.” Millions of Americans are starting new gigs alongside their traditional jobs, hoping to earn extra income for myriad reasons, including making ends meet, paying off debt or saving for retirement. There’s no better option for a “side hustle” endeavor than owning a Just Between Friends (JBF) consignment sale franchise. JBF is a lower-cost investment with potential for high returns. It’s a business you can work part-time (we only require you to hold two sales a year) while still keeping a full-time, traditional job if you choose. For many side hustlers, doing meaningful work  is important; owning a JBF franchise offers you a business with purpose, as giving back is core to who we are. One of our most successful franchisees, Allison Stephens, works full-time as an academic advisor at a university, but twice a year, she runs a JBF consignment sale. Stephens credits careful scheduling and understanding and supportive supervisors with balancing the demands of both jobs. She says, “My job at the university has busy seasons and slower seasons. As long as I time it right, I can be away without making other people do a lot of work on my behalf.”

A JBF sale franchise is affordable with huge profit potential

You can begin a JBF sale franchise for less than $50,000. Our initial investment ranges from $32,774 to $45,449, making JBF an affordable business to start, even while holding down typical employment and other commitments. A JBF franchise offers greater potential to recoup your investment. The demand for consigned children’s products among families is growing rapidly, as today’s financially savvy and thrift-minded millennial parents seek opportunities for selling and shopping with JBF all across the country. In fact, our top 10 most successful franchises in 2017 grossed $541,000 to $1.1 million.

Grow your franchise to suit your needs

One of the aspects our franchisees most love about JBF is the flexibility of the business model to grow and scale your business based on your desires and priorities. We require a minimum of two sales a year (one in the spring and one in the fall), which is the perfect complement to a traditional job and a supplement to the family income. Some franchisees choose to expand their businesses, either by adding more sales or by buying additional territories. Our business model makes starting and scaling your franchise operation easy; for example, you’ll make an initial investment of hard goods to operate the business (racks, signs, storage, etc.), so you’ll use and reuse those items again and again.

Why should you consider a side hustle with JBF?

In “5 Reasons You Need to Start a Side Hustle Right Now,” Inc.com lists the following as benefits of the side hustle: 1) Getting financial security from multiple sources of income. 2) Discovering passions and talents you didn’t know you had. 3) Learning valuable talents and skills. 4) Developing bigger opportunities than your day job. 5) Gaining a sense of purpose. Owning a JBF franchise provides all of those, but one we cherish most is “gaining a sense of purpose.” Giving back to the communities we serve is the bedrock of all we do at JBF. Our consignors can make some money for their families by selling their gently used children’s clothing, toys and gear. We help families save thousands of dollars by offering quality items for purchase at a fraction of the retail cost. We also partner with nonprofits in our franchises’ communities. Through these efforts, we have helped more than 1 million families nationwide. “One of the most amazing things that our owners are able to do is empower the community,” says Dawn Pfannenstiel, Director of Training and Support with Just Between Friends. “We’re able to bring recognition to our nonprofits; we’re able to help them with their mission. We give families in the community an outlet to make more money for their families, to help with that bottom line and to help with that budget. We get shoppers all the time who say, ‘I could not clothe my children without you.’ So, for me as the Director of Training and Support, to give the tools to new owners coming in so that they may empower their community, it’s unbelievable.”

Learn more about Just Between Friends sale franchise

A terrific option for those looking for a side hustle, Just Between Friends is the leading pop-up consignment sales event franchise in North America. From our beginnings in a Tulsa, Oklahoma, living room in 1997, the JBF brand has grown to more than 150 franchises in the U.S. Learn more by exploring our research pages or requesting a copy of our free Franchise Information Report.

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