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We’ve all been there – the day in and day out rigamarole of going to a job half-heartedly and knowing deep down that this just isn’t where you are meant to be. Yes, you have a purpose, but this simply isn’t it. 

Fortunately, the opportunity to branch out on a new career adventure can help bring back the focus on your goals and true purpose—along with your energy and excitement for what you’re doing!

Signs it’s Time to Move on to the Next Adventure

The signs that you should be looking toward a new career change can be both physical and emotional, as our bodies often know and show those things on which our brains are processing and fixating.

Here three surefire signs that you are due for a career change:

1. You feel stuck. The feeling of being stuck is not unusual (work isn’t always rainbow emojis and "girl boss" vibes), but if it’s one that has become a more pressing, consistent feeling, that’s your sign that something is up. You could be toiling away in a job that presents limited opportunities for growth and movement, or you could have reached the point where the duties no longer challenge you. Feeling bored and unchallenged regularly in your career can even result in unexpected energy depletion. If this is you, it’s time to make a move.

2. You’ve become apathetic. When your heart just isn’t in it, your head won’t be either. Severe feelings of apathy can      range from mentally checking out on the job, going through the day on autopilot and continuously wishing you were somewhere else. Not only will your apathy begin to negatively impact your performance, but it could also prove detrimental to your current place of employment. Your team may have to do extra work to compensate for a lack created by your being unengaged. Don’t stay so long once you notice continued apathy that your actions (or inactions) end up hurting those around you.  
3. Your job is negatively impacting other areas of your life. Despite our best efforts, the stresses and frustrations at work will sneak their way into areas of our lives. If you are struggling to maintain your balance in a job that no longer holds the value it once did, the stress that accompanies that may lead to severe issues to your health, relationships and emotional well-being. Once work stress has crossed the boundaries into other parts of your life, it is certainly time to re-evaluate your current employment situation.

While considering a career change may seem frightening and overwhelming, it could be just what you need if you are exhibiting any of these signs.

Perhaps you have been interested in branching out to a business venture of your own but haven’t quite figured out how that should look. Becoming a franchisee appeals to many as it provides a way to own a business without all the fear and uncertainty as being a Franchisee means having the support and expertise of the franchisor to help you along the way.

Just Between Friends is the leading pop-up consignment sales event franchise in North America, and, with a low initial investment and minimum of two sales per year, provides the opportunity for franchisees to make a large community impact in a small amount of time. Perhaps this could be the time to explore how owning a business could look for you.

To learn more about the Just Between Friends franchise business model, please do not hesitate to contact us at (918) 236-0835.    

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