Just Between Friends Franchisees Help Their Community and Still Have Time for Family

Just Between Friends franchise ownership allows Gena Pascual to be there for her family and make a difference in her community

Just Between Franchisee Friends Gena Pascual HeadshotSixteen years in the advertising industry left Gena Pascual in search of a new career that would allow her to spend more time with her growing family. She was looking for something that would give her a flexible schedule and greater control over her career. As it turned out, Just Between Friends fit the bill perfectly. "I think the story of how I got into this business is typical," says Gena. "I started out as a consignor in Sacramento after a friend told me about the opportunity. I did that for about eight years, and eventually I decided to take the next step, purchasing my first franchise in 2014." Today, Gena is the owner of multiple Just Between Friends franchise units in Sacramento, Folsom, and Pleasanton, California. The process of becoming a multi-unit owner has been both challenging and rewarding, and Gena wouldn’t trade it for anything. "This business offers me the chance to meet and build relationships with people that I never would have otherwise. I’ve gotten to know so many amazing consignors, and each of them has a unique story. I really feel that I’m making a difference in their lives through offering them the chance to sell their children’s items." Furthermore, Gena says that Just Between Friends has been rewarding in the way it has allowed her to help those most in need. "The greatest reward of being a Just Between Friends franchisee is the opportunity to donate to charities. I love the way the franchise has created a culture that doesn’t just encourage charitable business practices, but makes it an integral part of the way we do business. That level of commitment to social responsibility is special."

Just Between Friends is a meaningful, supportive community

Throughout her time as a Just Between Friends franchisee, Gena has found the level of available support to be second to none. "Just Between Friends is such an amazing company. It’s a family that I’ve come to know and love, and I wish there were more of us. The other franchise owners and I don’t compete. We are there for each other, and we want everyone to succeed; we are sisters." In fact, Gena says that this support transfers to all areas of the business, especially when it comes to her family. "As a mother of four, I love how family-oriented Just Between Friends is," Gena says. "Being a franchisee has allowed me to have a flexible work-life balance and provide extra income for my family. I also love how the business lets me help other families. One of my consignors used the money she made from sales to visit her family in Guam. Does it get more rewarding than that?" Just Between Friends Franchisee Gena Pascual Team Gena also appreciates Just Between Friends’ unparalleled commitment to product safety. "Just Between Friends stands out from the competition in that we have an expert safety and recall specialist on staff. She works closely with safety organizations to ensure that everything we’re selling complies with the latest safety standards, helping parents rest easy about what they’re giving their children." When asked about her future with Just Between Friends, Gena said she has no plans to slow down. "I plan to continue growing my franchise, increasing awareness through outreach so that we can impact even more people’s lives. I’m especially interested in reaching the Top Achiever tier. I’m always striving for a higher level of excellence."

About Just Between Friends consignment sales franchise

What started as a small sale in Shannon Wilburn’s Tulsa, Oklahoma, living room in 1997 is now North America’s leading consignment sales event franchise, Just Between Friends. A close knit group of 17 moms consigned in that first sale almost 20 years ago and sold $2000 worth of gently used children’s clothing and items. In 2016, that same Tulsa sale hosted two events and grossed almost $1 million; last year, system-wide sales for Just Between Friends totaled $29.1 million! We are eager to partner with individuals who have a passion for helping others, giving back to their communities and have an entrepreneurial interest in business ownership. Join Just Between Friends as we work toward of our goal of adding 15 new franchises in 2017 and growing to $31 million in overall gross sales. To learn more, visit our research pages or request a copy of our free Franchise Information Report.

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