Just Between Friends Franchise Is in High Demand

North America’s largest consignment sale event franchise is featured in The Washington Post

just between friends consignment sale franchiseIn any community with kids and families, there’s likely high demand for a Just Between Friends consignment sale event franchise. While working to manage the rising costs of kids’ clothing, today’s budget-conscious families also are more environmentally responsible than previous generations. They want to get a good deal on items for their children and make a little money on their used items, all while keeping toys, clothing and books out of landfills when someone else could use them. “We live in the age of thrift, where discount and bargain shopping is no longer stigmatized and where helping the environment matters,” says Shannon Wilburn, CEO and co-founder of Just Between Friends. “As a result of the Great Recession and online shopping, consumers are more savvy than ever, and they expect every dollar to go further. Enter JBF. In most every town, families’ attics and basements are filled with gently used kids’ items that are no longer used or wanted. The demand is great for JBF consignment sales throughout North America.” A recent Washington Post article, featuring Shannon further supports her point. The kids’ consignment and resale industry is booming, according to “The rise of the consignment parent,” which looked at the resale trend in the United States. The article noted that JBF as “one of the nation’s largest consignment sale franchises, had 75,000 people selling wares at 154 locations – a third of which had an event sale over $100,000. In 2008, the company had less than half the locations and only eight reached that sales goal.” While helping the environment is a big motivator behind the surge in consignment sale popularity, the latest recession is another significant contributing factor. The Washington Post article continues with input from Shannon:

The 2007-2009 recession brought new customers to resale’s doorstep. … Buying habits changed. Parents who tried shopping used out of necessity are still doing so even when they can now afford otherwise. “If we can get someone like you as a customer now, we feel like we will have you as a customer for 10 years,” says Just Between Friends CEO and co-founder Shannon Wilburn. After all, having a kid — recession or no — isn’t cheap. The Agriculture Department estimates it will cost $233,610 to raise a baby born in 2015 to age 17 — a steep figure that doesn’t include college expenses.

Answer the demand in your town with a JBF consignment sales event franchise

Just Between Friends is the leading pop-up consignment sales event franchise in North America. By helping parents buy and sell their children’s outgrown clothing and items, we have become a nationally recognized brand and are continuing to grow like wildfire across the country. just between friends consignment sale franchise We got started in a Tulsa living room in 1997; over the years, we have helped almost 1 million families through our 150+ franchises in 30 states and Canada, and we have been able to give back more than $15 million in cash and in-kind donations to dozens of nonprofits. The amount of money and donated items we are able to give back and the number of families we are able to serve will only grow as we expand our footprint in North America. If you have a heart for helping families in your community and are interested in owning a business that seeks to serve others, then Just Between Friends may be perfect for you! We are eager to expand JBF in 2017 with a goal of adding 15 new franchises this year. Join us as a franchisee as we continue making a difference in families’ lives throughout North America. You can find out more by exploring our research pages or requesting a copy of our free Franchise Information Report.

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