JBF’s Shannon Wilburn Makes News Headlines

National media outlets feature JBF co-founder and CEO

Just Between Friends consignment sales franchise is synonymous with giving back to others by helping families across the country make and save money. Spearheading the effort to spread the word is our co-founder and CEO, Shannon Wilburn. Wilburn is a favorite, frequent guest in the media, introducing more people to the JBF brand and its mission. This media increases participation at consignment sale events and helps even more families in the process. She tells the story of how, as a young mother, she and her friend and co-founder, Daven Tackett, organized the first JBF sale in her living room. From the beginning, JBF has been about friends helping friends. To date, JBF has helped more than 1 million families nationwide make and save money buying and selling their children’s clothing, games, toys, maternity and baby gear.

National podcast features CEO Shannon Wilburn

Most recently, JBF’s co-founder and CEO Shannon Wilburn made headlines when she was interviewed on “No Limits,” a national podcast hosted by Rebecca Jarvis, Chief Business, Economics and Technology Correspondent for ABC News. “No Limits” is “where the most impressive women in the world go to let their guards down and share honest stories about what it really takes to build an empire. Each week Rebecca speaks to bold and influential women about their paths to success, their choices and tradeoffs along the way, and their pitfalls and lessons learned. The conversations focus on practical advice and never-before-shared wisdom from across industries,” according to the podcast’s website. Wilburn was featured as the “Entrepreneur of the Week” in Episode #92, which included a recorded interview portion where she spoke about JBF’s plans to expand to all 50 states and internationally. Additionally, Jarvis featured a video clip and bio of Wilburn on her Instagram feed. “We were super-excited to see Shannon featured so prominently on ‘No Limits.’ She’s in good company with some of the most influential and successful women in business today. Shannon is active in the media, which further elevates the JBF brand. We want prospective franchisees to see that they’re joining a system with an invested, passionate and respected CEO who is motivated to promote the brand on their behalf. JBF is built on integrity, and that starts at the top with Shannon,” says Lori Lalli, Franchise Recruiter.

Wilburn is a recognized financial expert

When it comes to offering advice for saving money, Wilburn has become a trusted resource for America’s families. A regular contributor to Clark.com, Wilburn helps readers make wise financial decisions and offers practical tips for stretching every dollar. “ Helping people with their finances starts with JBF, but it doesn’t end there for Shannon,” says Lalli. “She’s always looking for opportunities to share her knowledge and experience to help others.” Wilburn’s article on vacationing in Hawaii on $50 a day (or less!), based on her family’s first-hand experience, and her posts dedicated to shopping resale items for the holidays and turning clutter into cash are among reader favorites.

JBF and Wilburn featured in ‘Franchise Dictionary’ magazine

When it comes to aspiring franchisees who would like to join JBF in helping others, Wilburn and her team are committed to making franchise ownership attainable. One attractive aspect of franchise ownership with JBF is its lower cost investment, especially compared to other franchise brands. Franchise Dictionary magazine recently took notice of a JBF franchise’s incredible value, highlighting Wilburn and JBF in an article about affordable franchises. The editor’s letter says, “It’s surprising to learn that many people still think franchising is only about big investments into fast-food restaurants. Today, there are exciting opportunities available for every professional background and every budget.” The article says, “Now with more than 150 franchises in 30 states, Just Between Friends offers a low-cost business that’s enjoying accelerated growth. ‘We provide a marketplace for families to make and save money on items that they no longer need. Today, being thrifty is trendy, and research shows that trend is growing. Yet much of this market is still untapped,’ Wilburn says.”

Now is the time to join JBF franchise

JBF franchise owners benefit from great brand awareness and visibility, especially as the media consistently features co-founder and CEO Shannon Wilburn. Now is the ideal time to join our JBF family as a franchisee and enjoy a career that offers both personal and professional rewards. Find out more by exploring our research pages on our franchise recruitment website or request a copy of our free Franchise Information Report.

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