JBF Franchisees See Additional Revenue During the Holidays

Annual survey shows there’s great demand for holiday-specific consignment sale events


A Just Between Friends consignment sale franchise is a business that has money-making potential year ’round. The holiday season, however, can be especially profitable as shoppers look to save money on gifts, toys, decorations and clothing. 
Several JBF franchisees have discovered their communities demand for an additional sale each year that’s targeted to the holiday season. The late-autumn sales offer franchisees and consignors extra spending money for the holidays and also give shoppers the opportunity to purchase holiday gifts and holiday-themed clothing at affordable prices. 
“When people think about running a consignment sale franchise, they automatically think about back-to-school,” said Shannon Wilburn, co-founder and CEO of Just Between Friends. “Today’s parents, though, are financially savvy and are always looking for ways to maximize every dollar. JBF sales are successful any time of year. We require franchisees to have a spring sale and an fall sale, but many of our franchisees are adding a sales event in November or early December that’s specifically for holiday shopping. These sales are an incredible boost to a franchisee’s bottom line, as well as a benefit to the communities they serve.”

No shortage of holiday shoppers for JBF consignment sale events

Each year, JBF conducts a national survey of shoppers to determine their holiday shopping habits. More than 90 percent of shoppers who responded to an annual national survey say they plan to shop resale stores, events or online for holiday clothing, gifts, toys and decorations. This trend grows each year and is paying off for consumers and JBF franchisees. 

Other survey response highlights:
More than 50 percent have been shopping resale for holidays for more than five years. 
More than 50 percent said they save 25 to 50 percent shopping resale. 
Most shoppers plan to spend between $100 and $200 per child and expect to save up to 75% by shopping resale. 
Almost 60 percent say they will purchase 76 percent to 100 percent of their kids’ holiday items resale.

JBF — a great way to bring in extra money for the holidays

Many of our franchisees choose to have a holiday shopping event, adding an extra revenue stream to their yearly earnings. If you’re looking at options to help support your family with additional income — all year ’round — JBF is a great opportunity. 

Our initial investment ranges from $32,774 to $45,449, making JBF an affordable business to start. A JBF franchise offers great potential to recoup your investment. The demand for consigned children’s products among families is growing rapidly. In fact, our top 10 most successful franchises in 2017 grossed $541,000 to $1.1 million. 
Just Between Friends franchise is the leading pop-up consignment sales event franchise in North America. From our beginnings in a Tulsa living room in 1997, the JBF brand has grown to 150+ franchises in the United States. We have become a nationally-recognized brand by helping families buy and sell their outgrown children’s clothing, baby gear, games and toys, maternity items, and much, much more 
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