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DavenPaulSale With Father’s Day around the corner, I wanted to share this story about some of our top “Dadpreneurs”. JBF is blessed to have many dads involved in running our JBF franchises. This piece ran last year before Father’s Day. It has some great advice from two of our top JBF Dads. Enjoy – and Happy Father’s Day!

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JBF Dads Offer Three Tips to Making it Work While Working From Home

The number of stay-at-home dads has been steadily increasing for the last five years, topping two million in 2014. And like the “stay-at-home” moms before them, many of these dads also search for ways to make money working from home – many become “Dadpreneurs” Just Between Friends Franchise Systems, Inc. is North America’s Leading Children’s and Maternity Consignment Sales Event and it includes some successful “Dadpreneurs” – Stay at home Dads” who run successful franchises. Paul Tackett, aka “Mr. JBF” Paul has been around since the very beginning of JBF, as his wife Daven is co-founder of the Tulsa franchise as well as the franchise system. Paul joined his wife as an owner of the Tulsa business in 2011 . Their two daughters are now in their 20’s and were literally raised with JBF as their mom and dad worked the event around their daughters’ schedules and activities from preschool through high school. Paul has watched JBF grow and change over 19 years, but what hasn’t changed for him is the way JBF truly makes a difference “What I love about JBF is the unique opportunity to help growing families. Yes, we are a business and need money to pay the bills, but JBF is so much more. Growing families not only find a host of (new and gently used) clothes and equipment for their children at some unbelievable savings, but families can consign the equipment and clothes they’ve outgrown to make some money for their family, too,” explains Paul. RonCatonRon Caton Ron Caton shares that belief about JBF. Ron is a stay-at-home dad and has been taking care of three children for nine years while his wife works as a doctor. Four years ago he became a JBF franchisee – first in Salem, Oregon and then he added a second sale in Portland. “My being a “stay-at-home” dad doesn’t come up very often during the events, but when it does it really is a surprise to other moms that I can speak on their level about the pleasantries and downright awful things that "bringing up the babies" entails.  I get it,” explains Ron, adding with a smile: “Of course after every event, I reapply for my ‘man card’” Ron says the number one thing he likes about running a JBF franchise is contributing to the household income. He also cites the freedom to work from home and set his own schedule as another big selling point. We asked Paul and Ron to share their top tips for other Dadpreneurs and “Stay-at-Home” Dads Paul Tackett: Just Between Friends of Tulsa

  1. You are NOT defined by what you do, but rather how you do it – Your customers, business associates, friends and family will remember who you are by how you treat others. In essence – follow “The Golden Rule”.
  2. When you work from home you aren’t working in a vacuum – Remember: “Happy Wife. Happy Life”. That often means you can’t work 9 to 5.  Find a happy medium of finishing your business tasks and the honey dos. Communication is a significant part of “work at home” success.
  3. Organization is key, so put pen to paper. Instead of using a phone or tablet, try an old fashioned pad of paper and paper calendar. On the pad, keep a working list of “Things To Do” and at the end of the day, examine what you have accomplished and make a new list for the next day, prioritizing the tasks you need to get done and reflect on what you HAVE accomplished.

Ron Caton: Just Between Friends of Salem & Portland

  1. Establish ground rules for the kids – For example: When Dad’s on the phone, whatever you have to say can wait until dad is off the phone. (Ron’s exception: "Dad, I started a fire in the basement") Hearing children chattering in the background… is cute for a brief second, then it’s not.
  1. The stomach is the pathway to good organization – If you’ve got young children and are a stay-at-home dad in charge of all things edible, invest in a Crock Pot and a good cookbook like, "Make it Fast, Cook it Slow".  Plan your meals each week and get all the ingredients you will need for the slow cooker.  Well-fed kids are content kids and that means you can probably get that checking account reconciled as they pass out on the floor.
  1. Find balance between work and kids – As a business-owning “stay-at-home-dad”, be "there" for your kids.  Establishing office hours is important.  There is often overlap, but for the most part Ron’s office hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30am until 3:45pm.  He will check email and answer phone calls on Tuesday and Thursday, but incoming only.

Another piece of advice both JBF Dads follow: “find a business or job that has meaning and provides a purpose”. “Several times during each event I get a little sentimental when hearing from shoppers and consignors about how JBF helps their families– That is powerful stuff and makes the work very satisfying,” shares Ron. Paul adds: “What I love about JBF is all the friends I’ve made along the way. Soon JBF Tulsa will celebrate 20 years of doing business, and some of those friends have been there for every step along the way.” For more information about becoming a JBF Dad or Mom, click here         SaveSaveSave

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