How Big Is the Market for a Just Between Friends Consignment Sale Franchise?

Resale Industry with its multi-billion dollar annual revenue is thriving, making a Just Between Friends franchise a smart investment

When Shannon Wilburn’s “little” consignment sale with fellow mom, Daven Tackett, in her Tulsa living room grossed $2000 in 1997, she and her partner quickly realized that they were onto something much bigger than buying and selling a few pieces of used clothing among a small group of mom friends. This was the beginning of Just Between Friends consignment sale franchise, an international company that today comprises more than 150 franchisees in 30 states and Canada. consignment franchise “We called the event Just Between Friends because we really thought that this was going to be a little event between friends,” Shannon Wilburn, CEO and co-founder of Just Between Friends Franchise System, Inc., says. “We just wanted to make a little extra money for our families. We had no idea it would grow to where we are today. In 2016, our brand’s system-wide sales totaled $29.1 million!”

Resale and children’s items industries are booming

According to the National Association of Resale Professionals, the resale industry in the United States makes approximately $17 billion in annual revenues and is growing by approximately 7% each year. Couple this reality with the high costs of dressing and caring for kids, and it’s understandable that consignment sales for children’s clothing, equipment and toys are big business. Euromonitor International’s February 2017’s, “Childrenswear in the US,” reports that children’s wear is now a $31.6 billion industry in the United States. During back-to-school season American parents with children in kindergarten through 12th grade will spend almost $25 billion, with the biggest chunk of that amount spent on clothing according to “ Parents, Brace Yourselves: This Is How Much You’ll Spend on Back-to-School Shopping.” The article goes on to state that besides electronics, clothing accounts “for more than $400 of the average family’s back-to-school outlay” — and that amount only accounts for one period of the year! As the U.S. Census Bureau projects the birth rate to reach more than 80 million children in the U.S. by 2030, it’s easy to see that the demand for affordable, high quality children’s items will only increase, too.

Your community needs a Just Between Friends consignment sale franchise

just between friends franchiseIn many communities across the country, families are looking for the awesome deals on kids’ items that our Just Between Friends consignment sales offer. Today’s shoppers are much more focused on the benefits of recycling, enjoy the thrill of a bargain hunt and are savvy about getting the most out of every dollar spent. Resale shopping attracts consumers from all economic levels who are value-conscious. “Our goals this year are to sell 15 franchises and hit $31 million in system-wide sales,” Shannon says. “We are eager to partner with like-minded entrepreneurs who are looking for a meaningful career that will benefit their families and their communities. The demand for Just Between Friends is anywhere there are families with kids. We want to answer that demand.”

Learn more about Just Between Friends consignment sales event franchise

The kids’ consignment sale industry is hot right now. There’s never been a better time to open a Just Between Friends consignment sales franchise. Find out more by visiting our research pages or request a copy of our Free Franchise Information Report.

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