Be a Fearless Entrepreneur

dreamstime_m_51192576The only thing you should fear in life is dying average or mediocre!” I love this quote. It is from one of my favorite people and a man who has motivated me to get in shape physically but also motivated me in life and in business. Jonathan Connelly or Coach JC, as we all know him, is the founder of Bootcamp Tulsa, which is a big part of my life and motivates me to rise before the sun to work out. I leave feeling fearless and ready to take on the day. The one thing we need to be fearless is faith. My goal as the Co-Founder of Just Between Friends Franchise Systems, Inc. is to help all of my franchisees be fearless in their pursuit of their goals and dreams; fearless in helping build a better life for their families and their communities and faith that their hard work will pay off. And I believe that. I wanted to share his blog so that YOU can also be fearless in your life and your business. Enjoy! Shannon Be Fearless – Coach JC Fear is real. If you allow it to, it will hold you back from being THE BEST version of you. The fear of failing, the fear of success, fear of the unknown, fear of what might happen, fear of a promotion. Fear or FAITH? YOU CHOOSE! I put together a WINNING WORD OF THE DAY so you can be FEARLESS. You can either walk in fear or you can walk in faith.

  • Faith is believing in… or for something that may not be visible at the moment.
  • Fear is a battle… and it starts in your mind.

WIN THE FIGHT starting today!

  • What have you not been doing because of fear in your life?
  • How has fear crippled your dreams and goals?

Starting today, choose to operate in Faith. Commit to live a life of FAITH! You can choose to be the LION or the sheep. The lion is the LEADER. A LION hunts for what they want. A sheep is the follower… a sheep expects those things they need to be handed to them. Who are you? ACTION STEPS TO BE FEARLESS:

  1. Choose THE Faith MINDEST!
  2. Choose to SPEAK FAITH!
  3. TAKE ACTION – how you overcome fear is you take action on it. FACE IT!

Faith comes by hearing. Today you will build faith by hearing from the best salesperson in the world – YOU! From the best preacher in the world – YOU! From the best coach in the world…YOU! Just in case you aren’t sure what your WINNING confession should look like, I wanted to show you. YOUR WINNING CONFESSION “Today is my day! No one will get in my way… of BEING THE BEST version of me IN THE WORLD.” I AM STRONG! I AM POWERFUL! I AM UNSTOPPABLE! I WILL WORK UNTIL I AM THE BEST! I AM FEARLESS! I AM FEARLESS! I AM FEARLESS! I CHOOSE FAITH! I CHOOSE FAITH! I CHOOSE FAITH!” CoachJCCoach JC is a motivational speaker, fitness expert, author, life coach, and founder of Tulsa’s first outdoor fitness program training hundreds of women each week, Bootcamp Tulsa, Tulsa’s premier sports training facility, Dynamic Sports Development, training athletes from 9-years-old to the pro’s, and Fit First Responders nonprofit foundation, empowering police officers, firefighters, and EMSA medics to win in their physical and mental health. Read Coach JC’s winning blog with the latest tips on fitness, nutrition, and his winning mindset at       shannon headshotShannon Wilburn is the CEO & Co-founder of Just Between Friends Franchise Systems, Inc. (JBF), North America’s leading children’s & maternity consignment event. JBF has 150 franchises in 28 states and Canada. JBF is actively seeking franchisees throughout North America. Click here to learn more about owning a franchise.

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