Annual Cleaning Rituals Mean More Business for Just Between Friends Franchise Sales

Franchises’ spring sales numbers increase year over year  

For many families, spring and summer mean cleaning, decluttering and organizing. Once the closets, playrooms and garages are cleared out, people are eager to keep the clutter out of the landfills and find a way to make some money on the things they no longer need or want. Consigning with their localJust Between Friends consignment sale is the answer.Just Between Friends franchise sale rack of booksJust Between Friends franchise is the leading pop-upconsignment sales event franchise in North America. From our beginnings in a Tulsa living room in 1997, the JBF brand has grown to 150+ franchises in the United States. By helping families buy and sell their outgrown children’s clothing, baby gear, games and toys, maternity items, and much, much more, we have become a nationally recognized brand.“When people think about investing in a franchise, sometimes they wonder if there will be a demand for the business they are in,” says Shannon Wilburn, CEO and co-founder of Just Between Friends. “JBF franchisees don’t have to fear a shortage of customers. As long as families keep cleaning out their homes — and they will — JBF franchisees can count on consignors and shoppers for their sales.”In fact, we’ve noticed a trend among our franchises’ spring sales numbers. It’s likely more than coincidence that our spring sales figures continue to trend up just as families take on spring cleaning chores.“Our spring sales are consistently posting year-over-year increases system-wide,” Wilburn says. “Spring cleaning and decluttering is a yearly ritual for many people. It’s great that our franchisees can offer the opportunity to families to make some extra money while supporting their own families, helping others and keeping items out of the landfills.”

81% of Americans plan to spring clean each year

Spring (and summer) cleaners are primed for consigning with Just Between Friends. The statistics on Americans who clean and organize yearly are staggering. Professional organizer Linda Vanderkolk posted: “The TLC series Clean Sweep conducted a survey … that indicated that 90% of Americans were planning on organizing a part of their life that year. 81% planned on performing spring-cleaning.”  Today’s consumers and parents of young children also are more eco-conscious and financially wise than previous generations. Once they’ve purged their own homes, they are determined to help keep Mother Nature decluttered as well. A feasible way to recycle gently used items, consigning clothing, toys, books and shoes is the ideal solution. Cast-offs find new use with owners who benefit by paying a fraction of what the items would cost at retail.Millennials, the largest generation yet, are today’s young parents. Coincidentally, they also are a thrift-conscious group. In fact, thredUP’s recent “Annual Resale Report 2017” highlighted this group as being especially dedicated toshunning traditional retail in favor of finding great deals among secondhand, resale and consigned items: “As … generation who grew up during economic recession, millennials … are mindful consumers who are making a confident and smart choice to shop secondhand.”“As a result of the recession and online shopping, consumers are savvier than ever, and they expect every dollar to go further,” Wilburn says. “Enter JBF. In most every town, families’ attics and basements are filled with gently used kids’ items that are no longer needed or wanted. The demand is great for JBF consignment sales throughout North America.”

Now is the time to join Just Between Friends franchise

Just Between Friends is actively recruiting entrepreneurs to join us as franchise owners. If you are looking to own a business that will bepopular as long as families keep having children and cleaning out attics and basements every year, then owning a JBF franchise could be perfect for you.Learn more by visiting ourresearch pages or by requesting a copy of ourFranchise Information Report.  

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