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Everything you need to know about starting a Just Between Friends franchise

Interested in becoming part of the “hottest ticket in town” but want more information? Read on for answers to frequently asked questions about owning your Just Between Friends franchise business.


What is the franchise fee and what are the ongoing royalties?

  • U.S. Franchises — $17,900 USD
  • $1,500 technology Upgrade fee
  • Royalties are 3% of gross sales, less sales tax
  • Monthly technology fee – $170 / month
  • National Brand Marketing Fund – 1% of gross sales

How much capital is required to open a franchise?

In addition to the franchise fee, we recommend an additional $18,000 to $45,000 in capital for materials and costs associated with launching your business. Click here to see our full startup costs.

What does the franchise system include?

Download our Franchise Report for a complete listing of what is currently offered. The value will astonish you! Highlights include:

  • Operating the established, industry-leading brand in the pop-up consignment event space
  • Use of the name and trademark
  • Online branding and marketing tools
  • Operations manual, proprietary procedures, and online bar-code tagging system
  • 100-square-foot full color event banner (25 ft wide x 4 ft high)
  • Custom-built website design
    • Self-guided, automated, online consignor registration
    • Team member scheduling module
    • Marketing tracker system
    • Corporate support and support from Just Between Friends franchise owners network who have seen tremendous growth in their territories.

How large are the territories and how are they defined?

Just Between Friends territories are established using statistical data supplied by our mapping services provider along with other key demographic information.

  • Territories are built around concentrations of populations which include families with children ages 0-10 living in the household.
  • The territories range from a minimum of 100,000 to an average of 250,000 in population. JBF errs on the side of generosity when creating territories as our main goal is to see our franchisees have great success within their territories.
  • We build the territories around the venues that you locate to hold your JBF events.

Do I need to live in the territory where I hold my Just Between Friends events?

Just Between Friends Franchise System Inc. requires that either you or a 50% business partner live within 30 miles of the territory in which the event will be held.

  • We have established this guideline due to the fact that a large amount of franchisees’ success depends on building a core group of dedicated customers and consignors within your territory. The best way to do this is to be in close enough proximity to this group to foster and grow such relationships.
  • Just Between Friends is about growing and nurturing community. Being involved and establishing mutually beneficial relationships in your territory and community is key to your long-term success. We want you to be set for success!

How much money can I make from a Just Between Friends Event?

Many factors go into determining how much money a particular franchise will earn. We provide some information based on the historical performance of our existing franchisees in Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document. We recommend that you do some additional research by talking to existing JBF franchisees and exploring costs in your geographic area to make your own projections. Any financial performance representations made in the FDD or on this website reflect the historical performance of existing franchisees. A new franchisee’s individual financial results may differ from the results stated. Written substantiation for the representations made on this website are in the Just Between Friends FDD and are available upon reasonable request; fill out the request information form to learn more.

How many hours does it take to put an event together?

  • On average, a typical sale takes 10 to 12 weeks of intensive planning, but we recommend that our franchisees work their businesses approximately 20 hours per week in the off-season (and more in the weeks leading up to the event) to continue to foster key relationships, promote in their communities, and therefore realize greater success.
  • One of the great things about JBF is the flexibility to work your business around other activities in your life! So you do have the flexibility to work on a schedule that is best for you and your family.

Please keep in mind that as your event grows, so will the need to invest more time and effort. This is great news as a growing business typically means growing revenue as well! Franchisees who work their businesses every day have seen the greatest success.


Do I need to have experience to own a JBF?

Experience is always helpful, but your experience does not necessarily need to be in consignment events. The JBF franchise system is looking for candidates with a strong customer service or sales background, great organizational skills, general business knowledge, computer literacy, as well as candidates who are outgoing and friendly when working with the public.

What happens if I am thinking of having a business partner?

Many of our Just Between Friends franchises are owned by more than one person. If you are thinking of working with a business partner, any person that is 25% or more owner must go through the application process and attend training.

If you and a partner are awarded a franchise, you will need to provide a copy of a buy/sell agreement to JBF Corporate.

Why should I consider purchasing multiple JBF franchises?

Becoming a multi-unit franchise owner with Just Between Friends is a wise investment for a variety of reasons because what you use for one sale, you’ll be able to use for additional sales. You’ll be able to leverage the hard costs already spent, including equipment, clothing racks, marketing and storage. Owning multiple sales will require more time, but you also have the potential to make more money! Read more about owning multiple territories here.

What do I do when I am fully prepared to own a Just Between Friends Franchise?

  • Step One: Request franchise information by filling out one of the short forms on our site or by visiting the Request Information page. You can also call us by dialing the number at the top of this page.
  • Step Two: We’ll follow up with you as quickly as we can and schedule an initial interview. The purpose of the interview is two-fold: to help you understand if our franchised business will help you meet your personal goals and help us understand if you match the profile of a successful franchisee. There are no wrong answers and this is a fun conversation. We get to learn about you and you get to learn more about our business.
  • Step Three: If we complete the interview and both decide you want to move forward, we’ll ask you to complete our basic franchise application and we’ll begin the discovery process. For a more detailed view, take a look at our Next Steps page and we look forward to meeting you!

Once Just Between Friends determines that you are a candidate who meets our pre-established ownership criteria, a JBF representative will contact you to start you on the road to owning your own consignment sales event!

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