Just Between Friends is a rewarding business that is easy to start and simple to scale. At a minimum, each franchise location holds two sales a year with the opportunity to hold more sales in the area. Typically, the more sales you conduct, the higher your gross revenues.

In 2018, JBF had 146 franchise locations that conducted both a fall and spring JBF Consignment Sales with varying gross revenues. According franchisee reporting:

  • The top 10 grossing sales ranged from $571,213 to more than $1.3 million in annual gross sales revenue*
  • The bottom 10 ranged from $19,529 to $39,979 in annual gross sales revenue*

The work-from-home franchise is proud to announce that, for three years in a row, Just Between Friends made the Top 10 List of “Best Franchises to Buy,” by Forbes. (See Awards) The reason we rank so highly is due, in large part, to the continued growth of the thrift shopping marketplace. More consumers are choosing “resale” over “retail” experiences for a variety of economic and socially-conscious reasons.

Predicted Resale Market Growth

Your actual sales performance will vary depending on the size and scale of your sale, the location and pricing of your venue, and a variety of additional factors. We want all of our Franchise Owners to be successful and work hard to help Franchisees realize their goals.

We have a detailed financial performance representation in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Please fill out the Request for Information form and speak with our Franchise Recruitment Team to find out more.

* The financial performance representations made herein reflect the historical performance of the top ten and bottom ten Franchisees. Not all franchisees earned these amounts. New franchisees’ individual financial results may differ from the results stated herein. There is no assurance of actual realized earnings.