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What Do Franchisees Say?

Just Between Friends franchise owners talk about what they love about the business

Just Between Friends franchise, the biggest pop-up consignment sale business in the nation, is known far and wide for the life-changing amount of savings that our sales pass on to families with young children. Our God-led franchise dramatically changes the lives of its franchisees and its customers.

With an affordable initial investment and a minimum of two sales events per year, Just Between Friends can be either a supplemental income or a full-time career. The ongoing costs are also low, as the events run by our franchisees are staffed primarily by team members—some of whom are consignors who earn more money on their sales by working the events. This means the main investment the franchisees have to make is in renting a venue large enough to serve their communities’ populations of families with young children.

Our owners are our best asset. They are ambassadors not only for our brand but for families in their communities. Here is what they have to say about why they chose Just Between Friends, and how partnering with us changed their lives and improved their communities:

“Before I did JBF, I thought I had a dream job,” says Deborah Freeman, a Just Between Friends franchise owner in Douglas County, Colorado. “I worked for National Geographic doing documentaries. Now, truly, this my dream job—hands down. I get to serve moms and be at home with my kids.”

“When my wife and I first visited a Just Between Friends sales event, we had an ‘a-ha’ moment,” says Kris Kimmell, owner of a Just Between Friends franchise in the Houston metropolitan area of Texas. “We walked around the sale and saw how organized it was and how many people were there—we thought, ‘We can do this.’ It really was love at first sight.”

“Collectively, as a franchise, we can pool our money together and have fantastic technology,” says Jennifer Hundley, owner of a Just Between Friends franchise in North Bay, California. “I realized that I can do this better with a Just Between Friends franchise. I researched the competition, and I realized they don’t have much of a presence. I’m not hearing the praises from the owners, and I’m not hearing the praises from the customers. If I want to have this amazing website, or if I want to do some new marketing plan, or if I want to brainstorm with other owners, I can call the corporate office and feel comfortable discussing it with them. The collective mind is invaluable.”

“I had never shopped at a sale before, but I fell in love with the company instantly,” says Kelly Hardy, owner of a Just Between Friends franchise in Eastern Mainline and Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, and Newark, Delaware. “The support we get from corporate is great. If I call Shannon (CEO and and co-founder of Just Between Friends), she picks up the phone. I don’t know how many other franchise owners in other companies can say that.”

“I really love Just Between Friends,” says Kelly Robie, owner of four Just Between Friends franchises in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area. “When I was looking into this business, I was just a mom. This experience has helped me grow as a person. I love being able to help my community. I love helping families save money and make money with clothing items they no longer need. If you’re looking into a pop-up consignment business, I recommend Just Between Friends. I might be biased, but I think they’re the best.”


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