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Posted 4/19/16

Top Tips to Make Tax Season a Breeze

April 15th has finally passed and another tax season is “in the books”. If you are like I am, then after you do a “happy

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Posted 4/5/16

Giving Back is Not Only Good for the Soul, It is Good for Business

I am a BIG believer in giving back. My parents modeled generosity for me often. We launched Just Between Friends, North America’s leading children’s and

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Posted 3/11/16

Be a Fearless Entrepreneur

“The only thing you should fear in life is dying average or mediocre!” I love this quote. It is from one of my favorite people

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Posted 2/24/16

What Will You Do with an Extra 24 Hours? Tips to Make the Most of Leap Day

It happens every four years – Leap Year – 29 days in February. That means one extra day to get things done. For small business

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