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Coaching Isn’t Just for Football: How a Coach and Mentor Can Set You Up for Success

Just Between Friends adds new “Emerging Business Coach” who shares her best practices for small business owners As I am sure you know, it is

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Just Between Friends Offers a Safe Bet to Make Money or Launch a Successful Business 1.4 billion dollars: that’s this week’s jackpot for the Powerball

A New Look at New Year’s Resolutions

  The Questions You Should Ask Yourself to Be Successful Two years ago I started participating in a local boot camp called “Bootcamp Tulsa”. I

Learn From Failure

I am sure by now that you have heard – probably more than once – about the Steve Harvey mix-up at Miss Universe. Making a

Six Tips to Get Your Business on the Fast Track from Day One

You’ve taken the plunge and “hung up your shingle” so to speak. You’re officially a small business owner – an entrepreneur. Next step – getting

Breaking Bad Personal Habits to Build a Better Business

When you are an entrepreneur you often live, eat and breathe your business. I personally have worked hard to achieve that illustrious goal of “work-life”

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from College Football

I grew up in Texas and have lived in Oklahoma for more than 25 years. So I understand the power and popularity of football –